This new eBook completely reveals the ultimate solution to the problems of science,

the final answer to the questions of philosophy and the absolute explanation to the mysteries of religion. 

This is the Grand Unification of all, the true God equation and the Formula of formulas.

Let this eBook unlock to your very eyes the secret of the universe, God and man.

The Sphere is the Key to everything.  It is the System of all things.

God in all His wonderful perfection has given us THE SPHERE, 

a wheel within wheel, which is the ultimate Formula of everything.  

It is the only Formula that encapsulates the elegance of the universe (cosmos), 

the self-disclosure of the Infinite-Personal Triune God (Theos), 

and the mannishness of man (anthropos) 

into a single mathematical-propositional equation (biblos): the Sphere.  

It cannot be found in the unfinished manuscripts of Einstein and Tesla on their deathbed.  

You cannot get it from any so-called sacred writings of this world.  

It cannot be derived from the constellations of Zodiac and from the ancient megalithic structures of the world grid.  

No one can have it by delving into scientific theories, philosophical speculations and mystical wanderings.  

All secret societies are totally ignorant of the Formula.  

Every mathematical genius that thrived on Earth had never seen it.  

Any supernatural being was not able to search it.  

Even post-modern technology will not be able to discover it.

Obviously, it can only be found in the most ancient and most advanced book in the universe.  

It is the book that changed the world.  

This is the only book which claimed to itself of sublime perfection expressed in literary masterpiece.

It is the most famous and most influential book in the history of mankind.  

It is the book of faith, love and hope.  That is, the book of origin, identity and destiny.  

It is the greatest book of all time.

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This large eBook (8.5"x11") consists of one hundred eighty-two colorfully illustrated pages  (182 pp.) of absolute truth on science, philosophy and religion with the following contents:

Introduction 5

The Truth of truths 11

The Trinitarian Mode of Thought 22

3 Miraculous Derivation of the Sphere 45

4 The Consistency, Correspondence and Coherence of the Sphere 68

Trinitarian Universe 77

Science Philosophy Religion 86

The Book of Everything 120

The Sphere of Bible Truth 127

The Sphere of Love 141

10 The Illustrated Sphere 147

Conclusion 152

Appendices and References 154

To the Reader 182

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the following e-books as bonus packages:


Truth Beyond Mysticism (263 pp.)

Conversations with Atheists (223 pp.)

N.T. Greek Exegesis Beyond the Basics (225 pp.)

In Defense of the King James Bible Onlyism (2,000 pp.)


The Perfect Bible (386 pp.)

Biblical Presuppositionalism (1,409 pp.)

Amazing Secrets (7 pp.)

The Biblical System (2,424 pp.)

The Mystery (1,493 pp.)

A New Critique of Theoretical Thought (2,310 pp.)

The Christian's Reasonable Service (2,642 pp.)


List of Clickable Links (Library of eBooks) in the Sphere Book


Genesis 1:1 – Theistic Creation Science

"The solutions to man's massive social problems depend on a correct understanding of origins. If the evolutionary philosophy is correct, then life is without purpose. On the other hand, if we were created by God, our lives have meaning, direction and purpose. Clearly, the proposition of origins is the foundation of all other convictions, actions, and beliefs. Thus, the question of origins is a vital issue that can be ignored only at great peril." - Dr. Scott M. Muse (S.M. Huse, The Collapse of Evolution, Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 1993, p. 22)

1John 5:7 – Trinitarian Logos Philosophy

"Wherever there is a universal thing, there, apparently, is triunity, and always with the same relations and characteristics. Triunity in the likeness of the Three in One is the structure, the pattern, the unity, the process, the progress, the reality of the entire universe. The triune being of God is the mighty solution of the riddles of the universe." - Dr. Nathan R. Wood (N.R. Wood , The Trinity in the Universe, Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 1978, pp. 210-211)

Revelation 22:21 – Christocentric Grace Religion

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ confronts and challenges the modern world with the statement that it alone has the answer to all man's questions and the solution to all his problems." - Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones (M. Lloyd-Jones, Truth Unchanged, Unchanging, Wheaton: Crossway Books, 1950, p. 105)

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King James Bible (Authorized Version)
The Secret of the Universe: God, Man and Matter (Original Edition) by Dr. Nathan R. Wood
Cults, World Religions and the Occult Chart
Background Information
Creation, Conservation, and Consummation: Communicating the full gospel of Christ by Henry M. Morris III
101 Scientific Facts & Foreknowledge in the Bible


Why We Should Believe in the Trinity by Patrick Zukeran


Reforming Ontology and Logic in the Light of the Trinity: 
An Application of Van Til's Idea of Analogy by Vern S. Poythress
1 John 5:7 by Will Kinney

Christocentrism: An Asymmetrical Trinitarianism? by Dane C. Ortlund


In The Name Of The Father, Son And Holy Spirit: Constructing A Trinitarian Worldview by J. Scott Horrell


Saved By Grace by Robert D. Decker


The Gospel of Jesus: the Simplicity, Efficacy and Priority of Christ's Saving Message by Clifford B. McManis
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When I say Christianity is true I mean it is true to total reality – the total of what is, beginning with the central reality, the objective existence of the personal-infinite God. Christianity is not just a series of truths but Truth – Truth about all of reality. And the holding to that Truth intellectually – and then in some poor way living upon that Truth, the Truth of what is – brings forth not only certain personal results, but also governmental and legal results.” - Francis A. Schaeffer

(The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer: A Christian Worldview, Volume 5, “A Christian Manifesto,” Westchester: Crossway Books, 1982, p. 425)


We are told that Christ was killed for us, that His death has washed out our sins, and that by dying He disabled death itself. That is the formula. That is Christianity. That is what has to be believed.” - C.S. Lewis

(C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, New York: Collier Books, 1952, p.58)


Complete in Christ

'Ye are complete in Him' (Col.2:10). Note our present possession in the words 'ye are'. This word in the Greek holds the emphatic position. 'Beloved, now are we the sons of God' (1 Jn. 3:2). Note also our present position – 'in Him'. Again the Greek gives this an emphatic location. 'In Him' is the richest little phrase in all of Paul’s Epistles. This is the sphere of the believer’s life. It is a sphere, not a mere circle. We are 'in Him' surrounded above, beneath, beside, and all around. So nothing can come from without to harm us, and with Him within we should be 'more than conquerors'. 'In Him' we have all that He has, and he is our fulness, our complement, our completeness. See also our past perfection as believers. The word is pepleromenoi, and means 'complete, filled full, perfected'. This is a perfect, passive participle, so it represents a past perfect work.” - Dr. William B. Hallman

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The Three Isms of Perversion:
Scientism, Philosophism and Religionism (34 pages)
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Trinity and Practical Christianity: Biblical Meditation of Communion with
the Triune God of Love, Grace and Comfort by John Owen
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by Periander A. Esplana